Why I hate Scandal (and other Negro Bed Wenches)

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With many entertainers us as fans always have that one that we feel a special connection to, whether it be an appreciation for their skills, a physical attraction/ crush, or simply a love for who they are as a person.

For me I feel all three of these for the actress, Ms. Kerry Washington.

Without going into unneccesary detail, Kerry Washington, to me is damn near perfect and the ultimate wife(y) type.


She has had some great acting roles and over the years has been involved in a multitude of humanitarian efforts that impress and intrigue me.

That’s why it’s hard…no not really hard…unbelievable to say this but…I hate her show, Scandal.


I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. There I said it. Now I know this is a very popular show and for good reason.

It is well written, has good actors, and includes thought provoking plots but in all honestly the biggest part of the show that America likes is…

This Black chick is fucking the most powerful man in the free world & UNENO it.

Simply put, Olivia Pope is the president’s whore and that completely turns me off from liking the show.

Now is it because I am deeply infatuated with Kerry Washington? No because I ha
ve learned to minimize my thirst to realistic levels. Am I against interracial relationships? No I can’t really say that I am.

Then why do I hate Scandal?

I think the choice to possibly ignore historical significance of this taboo power dynamic has rubbed me the wrong way.

What many don’t know or haven’t researched is that this plot of Scandal is very similar to real history.

Our nations 3rd president, Thomas Jefferson, had slaves and in fact he had a slave mistress. Her name was Sally Hemings. By all accounts she was beautiful, of mixed descent, and spoke English & French but the bottom line is she was a fucking slave who had four kids by this dude.

Now I don’t how TJ gamed Sally up into letting him fuck but when you’re a slave on the Presidents plantation I don’t think there would be too much discussion in the matter.

America loves seeing Black women coddled by/saved by/loved by/ and fucked by White men. Especially white men with power.

It’s the reason Halle Berry won an Oscar for getting pounded by Billy Bob Thorton, why Ghetto Gaggers is still in business and why Scandal is such a hot TV show. Shit it’s even why they asked Kevin Costner to speak at Whitney Houston’s funeral.


What’s even funnier/slightly disturbing is Black womens recent infatuation with this character. Like Olivia Pope is some to admire. She’s fucking a married man thats her boss. She’s no better that Sanaa Lathan in that piece of shit Tyler Perry movie.

All Im saying is I can’t get down with Ms.Pope bustin’ it wide open for the Commander In Chief when just 150 years ago she wouldn’t have had an option.


-Grits Capone

  1. COREY, COREY, COREY…YOU HIT THE NAIL ON ITS FREAKING HEAD!!!! I could never put into words exactly why I absolutely hate this show. I’ve tried to watch it on many occasions and it left me feeling nauseated. I’m even more baffled by why people love this show. Granted I watch all the ratchet reality shows so I guess you can say I’m being a little hypocritical, but I just can’t stand to watch this educated black woman who obviously has some sense unapologetically let herself be some man’s whore. How are ppl identifying with this? Why is the real Olivia Pope allowing herself to be portrayed in this light? I just can’t with this show…

    • That is ridiculous….as it is portrayed he loves her and will leave his wife for happiness…instead of staying for his image…people kill me with judgment…like falling for an unavailable guy is a new what shes black…this holier than thou concept is sickening…

      • So why hasn’t he yet? Will he ever? So its cool to be the presidents side piece cuz he loves her? Don’t make sense to me.

      • Olivia broke up with Fitz a long time ago. She is currently single; their affair was in the past.

        As a showrunner, I would not put two characters together until the show is about to end, or near the end. In the show the president is about to campaign for his second term. Makes no sense to conclude a subplot this early.

    • If you always been fortunate to make the absolute perfectly Godly decision then you wouldnt get it and you couldnt relate. Can you imagine how many women would want Mr President to be their own…

  2. Very intriguing piece here Corey. I never saw the show until recently and it was a huge turn off. It was prompted by me to watch it by a YouTuber Tommy Sotomayor. And it was truly disturbing to watch. Here’s the link to his video:

    TV PROGRAMMING AT ITS BEST. It’s just good to see that some people are using their heads out here. Beautifully written.

  3. Although it’s not a popular opinion to have. I certainly share it and I get a lot of flack for it. I’m automatically dubbed a “hater” and everyone throws Kerry’s accomplishments in my face. Accomplishments are great and all but why do we have to sell our souls and our dignity to achieve them. We don’t have to and we shouldn’t.

  4. Thing is, too many sisters live vicariously through this show. Though the ‘Black man is no good’ idiocy is less popular than it was just a couple of years ago, the idiocy behind it still simmers. When a Black man is in a movie/television show opposite a White woman, those same sisters call him ‘weak’, ‘sell out’, ‘self hating’, even when it’s a relationship between two accomplished people (Taye Diggs short lived t.v. show prime example, and Taye Digges REAL life wife, a non-Black woman.)

    But Kerry stars as a woman that is a side piece, and all of a sudden you can’t go anywhere without sisters saying how great a show it is. I guess it’s fine when you’re a side piece to a guy that stalks and screws you, but a Black man is a ‘weak ass’ to date/marry a pretty, accomplished White or non-Black woman. Oh, the hypocrisy!

  5. I happen to love Scandal. I do hate the fact that Liv Pope is a force to be reckoned with and still ends up being the presidents sidepiece. But the storyline is so much deeper than her banging the president. So I ask would you feel better if the president in the role were black? Or if Liv Pope were white? And did you know that Kerry Washington refused to play the role of Liv Pope if the president was going to be black?

  6. I have to disagree with you that Olivia Pope is the President’s whore. She’s the mistress, yes but whore no. If she was just a whore, the President wouldn’t be willing to ruin his presidency to be her. He has made it painfully clear to the First Lady that he does not love her. He loves Olivia. And the show is not just about her affair with the President but maybe that’s all you can focus on. The show is also about her ability to do damage control for powerful people in Washington D.C. and around the country. I think the writer, Shonda Rhimes, did a great job in coming up with this story.

  7. Olivia is a black woman sleeping with the married President. However, she is brilliant, sophisticated, educated, and powerful. She made HIM and doesn’t need him to upgrade her. She was never a pawn in his marriage which was dead when she met him. She is compelling b/c she would make an amazing 1st Lady in her own right and the President really DOES want to leave his wife for her. I am more drawn to her character b/ I can see myself in her. However, in Pretty Woman, Julia was the hooker everyone loves – it’s a classic love story. In Homeland, Claire is amazing and crazy and sleeping with a married man, but their chemistry and that show is brilliant as well. In Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith slept with married Derek and we couldn’t wait for him to divorce his wife
    RGIII marries a white woman- how dare he- even when he did things the respectful and traditional way- Robin Thicke marries a black woman who he obviously ADORES- we moan about how white men have raped and taken advantage of our women for centuries. At this point just based on sheer numbers, black on black love has more tragic stories of pillage and plunder than interracial ones. If someone dislikes Olivia’s character because she is an adulterer, I get it. If someone dislikes her character because of a SallyHemings/Thomas Jefferson reference, I challenge us to move forward. At some point, we have to start accepting that two people from different races can love each other and respect each other completely and not be turned off by mixed race couples.

  8. Here is food for thought though – we are “aspiring” to be all accepting nation. So remove race from this equation and you really dont have a point at all. Plenty of smart women of all races make bad decisions when it comes to their love life. The point on the show is to have a dialogue that is not race driven!!! Which clearly you seem to want to hold on to and cultivate.

  9. Its tv ..
    If I get that way about a show on TV ITS TIME I STOP WATCHING

  10. The show is called Scandal. It’s basically a sassy soap opera. In most soap operas, there’s cheating and scandal. The white folks do it, the hispanics do it, the asians do it, the black folks do it. That’s how soap operas work. If it wasn’t sexy scandalous, it would be The Cosby Show.

  11. Your take on this is no different than mine, and many black women, when we see brothers on screen with white women. Successful, rich, smart brothers who have “moved on up to the eastside” but left the sisters behind.

    • I wouldnt have a problem with it if she was the presidents wife.but the fact that she has to be kept a secret is off putting and reminds me of a time when white men could have their chocolate on the side

  12. Lmao! It is really not that serious. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect yours. However, I wish that people who are not into Scandal, would stop making generalizations about the people who do watch it. First of all even before the show I was by no means ignorant to who Sally Hemingway was. When I look at Olivia Pope I do not see race, I judge her based on her character. If Pope was white, I would still watch the show. Second, speaking on behalf of my friends and I, we respect and love Olivia for her strong character not because she is the President’s mistress. Affair aside, her success and passion for a cause is something I do admire. As someone who has achieved a fair amount, I know the road to success is not easy for people of color and respect people who have made something of themselves.

    Also, Shonda Rhimes has stated herself that affair aside Oliva’s character is based on real life fixer Judy Smith. I think people tend to forget that. Your opinion and that of others just like you makes me wonder when Blacks in general will move on from thinking of everything in terms of race.

  13. Your opinion of Scandal is not that uncommon (Black men in particular), and valid. Although, while I am not a fan of the show, (it’s TOO INTENSE for me), I have seen enough episodes to appreciate the raw exposure of the gritty political playground that is Washington D.C.

    So I have to ask, would it be better if Olivia Pope was White? Or if the show simply didn’t exist? Would you prefer reruns of Family Matters, because a Black person cast in a drama is going to be dicey no matter what the story is. I also believe that what makes Olivia Pope completely different from a Sally Hemmings is that she has complete agency, and the conflict is that she is trying to NOT BE with the President. It would be a completely boring story if she was quite literally busting it open all season as you so politely put it.

    You claim that people ignore history, however, I believe people with your critique ignore the dimensions of Pope’s character, i.e.reducing her to just “the President’s whore.” It does women a serious disservice with regards to acting in a drama. Plus she didn’t win the Emmy, so White people can’t be that hype about “putting us in our place.”

  14. I have never watched it….primarily because I’m not home when it airs…but, really?? It’s freaking entertainment people! And she’s getting paid. It is what it is…Denzel got his academy award for training day…a gang banging, Puerto Rican screwing rouge cop….NOT his best performance (to me), but it’s all entertainment…..

  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Just one more vision of a black womon subjugated by a white man, under the disguise of “love” and “success.” How many times do you even see white with white, black with black relationships where the womon and man are true equals in the relationship, in love and giving and sharing their lives and bodies when and how they choose? Add in the power-imbalance and the racial inequality, … one more damned stereotype.

  16. While I value your opinion, I think you are missing some of the very crucial aspects of the show. I think it is very important to actually watch a show before you lay at facts to discredit it, rather than base your opinion off of hearsay.
    1. The show does not exclusively center on the relationship of the president and Kerry Washington’s character. There are many very important themes that, in my opinion, make the show more watchable, including a laundry list of well played characters by amazing actors, and very incredible plot twists. 2. The relationship between the president and Kerry Washington would be highly undervalued if referred to as “a President and his whore.” The mentality that a woman is a man’s “whore” because of adultery is not only insensitive but misogynistic as well. If you watched the show you would know that they aren’t screwing around, they are passionately in love with each other. 3. it’s a big stretch to compare Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings to the President and Olivia pope. Olivia isn’t a slave being forced to being forced to breed with a white president. The only similarity between those two situations is the fact that the female was black. With that being said, would the same hatred for the show exist if Olivia Pope’s actress was white? Latina? Perhaps even Native American? Doubt it. Lastly, the fact that you seem upset about the fact that black women look up to this character despite her bad choices is slightly depressing. Women look up to her character because she is an Educated, passionate, beautiful, inspiring women who like everyone else on this planet have made poor decisions in their lifetime. I’m assuming your role models have all been perfect? Highly unlikely. I think the real reason this post of yours and the hatred of the show exists is because of the theme of a black woman having a relationship of some sort with a powerful white man. If that is in fact the case, I’m sorry you feel that way, but scandal will continue on.

  17. Get over it people. She is an actress. A really good one at that. This is not an autobiography. She is merely playing a part written for her. A woman in love with a married man. Happens every day all over the world.

  18. I understand where you’re at but Khadijah and various – I’m one of those folks who love American TV. It is salacious, it is manipulative – I know it and I still love it. That happens to be my “mind candy”. I know it’s not righteous, but I love it. So I have really been enjoying this show who has a black woman at it’s center AND is totally scandalous! loving it. So, I know in a perfect world, we should have alot more depth of stories about folks of color so that shows like this fit in a larger context – wouldn’t be the first one or be the only choice we have. But in this imperfect world, I’m going to support this show with a black writer/show runner and, with the introduction of a back story and father to ground her, a black female star. That having been said, you are absolutely right! the dissonance doesn’t escape me.

  19. I agree totally with your depiction of the show. I just don’t understand why wrong is so glorified by the majority…. She ( Olivia Pope) is a whore bottom line.

  20. The men who complain about this show are amazingly silent when the roles are reversed and I will tell you why. Even though black men date interracially outside their race in higher numbers than black women, there is an unwritten code that they expect black women to stay behind, uplift the so called black community and keep minding the store while they go out to play. I strongly support black women marrying interracialy with men who love them and support their well being. Black women owe loyalty to no one but themselves by the grace of God. These selfiish self absorbed males would rather see her alone waiting for them to toss her a bone of consideration than to be with someone that loves her.

    BOTTOM LINE these complaining brothas have no interest in a black woman’s love life unless a man of another race is involved THEN they want to be all up in her business, otherwise they ignore her. I have have too many personal accounts from other black women who say the only time brothas want to give them any attention is when a non black man is involved. Otherwise they would not give her the time of day. Black dudes wanting to police the relationships of black women bitching about Scandal but say nothing about how their own chase white women and do more to objectify black women in hip hop videos and in real life. All those pump and dump black shows and music videos (and reality) are perfectly fine. As long as your your pump/dumper is black I guess. it is all good! 70% out of wedlock birth rate with absentee fathers, fathers who are BLACK not WHITE.

    I have watched the show, it is not life and death to me and I do not support the adultery aspect of it at all but Alot of Ya’ll just want black women on standby for your use and abuse. You have NO interest in her happiness and well being just your own selfish gratification. #HYPOCRISYONBLAST

  21. I am not a fan of the show, but I do not feel it is fair for me to go in on that aspect since I have never seen it so I am just going to base my comment off your post and the fact I have seen similar views… Would you feel the same exact way if this was a male/female dynamic meaning Oliver Pope and Mrs. President?

    But either way nice post, at least you were not hateful about expressing your views which goes a long way.

  22. I don’t watch TV as a rule anymore because it’s all mostly crap now, but I am sitting here thinking so if the roles were reversed, and the prez was a black guy and the gal was white that would be ok? It’s ok I already know the answer, How ever “I think the choice to possibly ignore historical significance of this taboo power dynamic has rubbed me the wrong way.” Why is that? I see the connection you tried to make with Jefferson, He wasn’t the only one that had slaves. I am pretty sure it was like that everywhere over many hundreds of years as well. Hell If I could go back in time I would change many thing. But then something else just as horrific would have happened..
    That said, the real issue is why does it mater either way? Through out time all groups of folks intermingled and live out there lives in peace as well as turmoil. In my own area I live I have watch with great interest the changes between the groups of folk all trying to get alone and yet there always seems to be a few that go out of there way to stop it from happening. Just the sheer hate involved in that is unmeasurable by most means. I watched how blacks and whites worked together to build something and then they even intermingled, and lived together, ad to that a sprinkling of Asian and Spanish and it was doing quite well. Now add to this the gangs rolling in and then a half dozen churches and now the whole place is a powder keg. The segregation that has developed is mind numbing.. I realize this is just a little off the topic of the article, but I needed to get you to see the deeper problem that a TV show..
    My friend through out the history of mankind, all colors and sexes where put into slavery, they were beaten hung tortured and murdered all for the pleasure of their masters.. Please stop trying to feel the wounds of your ancestors, It will carry over to your life as well I can assure you of this. I have had many of the different groups I am from been in slaved and or murdered and even though I can still feel the wounds of many of them I have had to release as much as I possible could, and now my life is becoming much richer for it.. Just my two cents worth..

  23. It’s funny b/c they actually had a line on that show where Olivia tells Fitz “this is getting a little Sally Hemmings/Thomas Jefferson” LOL

  24. I absolutely disagree with your premise that “America loves seeing Black women coddled by/saved by/loved by/ and fucked by White men. Especially white men with power.” For starter, I am unsure who exactly you are writing this for? Black America? White America? America in general? Secondly, while I generally share connection to black women has being projected as overly sexual and sexualized but what bothers me is that the show itself was created by a black woman. I am pretty sure that Shonda Rhimes and the business she is in, understand exactly what she is doing and the development of Olivia Pope the character is complex is nature. I find that commentary like this gets the message wrong. It quite sad that we can be hyper-critical of fiction, yet remain silent when it comes to reality. Have you seen YouTube lately? Do you read what young black women do and say on social networks like Twitter? I feel the same way about so called “black elites” who claim to have some moral superiority yet are not talking about our real truths.

  25. Its FICTION dear. Get your panties out of your butt. No one is interested in watching a show based on the day in the life at a convent. Her real life love story is one to be respected and to aspire to have. She fell in love with a brother and they wed this summer.

  26. I don’t know. To call up a bunch of old slave references is out of step. She is a brilliant character making her own choices, not being forced to do anything. To equate her with a master/slave relationship sounds like personal baggage. She has the power in that relationship and she uses it. And the interracial aspect of the relationship–for many of the black women watching, it is just validation of what many of them have wanted but didn’t really think was possible. Black men date and marry white women. Black women somehow thought this was a step too far for them…not anymore. All of that said, it’s an adulterous affair with her boss. I don’t like that about the show, but I do love that she has gladiators to watch her back.

  27. Crab in the Barrel. My opinion. Read the book Monster’s Ball. The Academy votes by scenes and I’m under the impression that Halle won the Oscar for the set up to that scene, not that actual sex scene. It’s called acting and she must have done a damn good job at it if you can only think about that besides the other good performances in that movie and not FOCUS on the story. I don’t take anything from it but that. This critique about Scandal has no significance either being that I’m an African American nor does it offend me. Especially knowing that Kerry is an activist for Black causes which many Black celebrities who “porn” the Black community worse that she having an affair with the “most powerful person in the world” on TV. We always having problems seeing ourselves portrayed in a way “some” deem as unacceptable because we’re so worried about what Caucasians may interpret it when they already judge us like we judge ourselves.
    This is entertainment plain and simple for me and there are so many other things we could complain about how we really put ourselves out there in the visual/audio media it just seems yet again, when something is so popular among us, one of us try to find way to discredit it. This has played out before in real life (Kennedy/Monroe, Clinton/Lewinsky) and now that Shondra Rhimes used this as part of the story line for Scandal it evokes an issue because the woman happens to be Black? It wouldn’t be a “scandal” now would it and if you are watching the show, there’s no reference to color except to those in the “real world” having problems with it. I see stuff like this go right to those who that for some reason or another, want it to fail and not taking into account the other non-white actors who are a part of it as well. Are you? Should be reprimanded cause their aiding and abetting some images that’s perpetuating something you don’t like? It’s not that serious for me.

  28. I respect your opinion. I like Scandal and I like the fact that a woman of color is the leading role. I never watched Monster’s Ball and I really don’t plan on to. I hear you it sounds like they pitches TJ and Sally Henson as a modern day Scandal.

  29. Yea lets all ignore the fact that this chick is independent and has a good ass job making hella bread in the white house, and CHOOSES to sleep with the President. I mean she’s practically a SLAVE right? lmaooo

    We as black folks need to chill with the constant race card, cuz this shit is a total reach. I agree with the monsters ball and ghetto gaggers thing but you really gotta get past Thomas Jefferson in 2013. It’s not even mildly racist on the show.

  30. LOL wow that was a lot. Truth be told I am so tired of people telling me to watch it and how good it is. I do not watch it almost for the exact same reason. I mean once I got the gist of what it was about it was not something I am in to.😀 thanks for saying it bluntly. Much appreciated😀

  31. I read this comment on Son of Baldwin’s FB post of this story and I totally agree: “I haven’t read through most of these comments but will, because I know they’re good but, I’ll just repeat some of what I said in another thread about this horrible critique- (and I use ‘critique’ loosely, because it’s hardly nuanced enough to be legit)… A lot of these ‘Scandal’ = Bed wench pieces are lazy, transparent projections prompted by some other ‘feel’… I’ve yet to read a nuanced critique of the Olivia Pope character by a non-fan; and I chalk this up to the loudest dissenters never having seen the show, because there are a slew of other reasons to criticize Kerry’s character; her complicity in voter fraud to get a Republican administration in the White House comes to mind.

    This piece is riddled with anti-Black woman sexism and faux-respectability politics. Olivia Pope is flawed, just like Walter White, Dexter, Tony Soprano, Stringer Bell, Omar Little, and Tony Montana… the fictional characters a lot of the folks penning these misogynist manifestos, love to cheer on.

    Contrary to popular belief, none of us who watch the show, want to BE Olivia Pope or are advocates for infidelity. We have enough sense to take ‘Scandal’ for what it is… Entertainment, rife with dubious characters and a titillating (if problematic) plot.”

  32. p.s. This following sentence makes it very clear that your issue IS indeed an issue with interracial relationships (or just Black womben in them; many Black men have no issue with sleeping with Ms. Anne but can speak of nothing but the rape of enslaved womben when they see a sista with a white men; hypocritcal):

    “All Im saying is I can’t get down with Ms.Pope bustin’ it wide open for the Commander In Chief when just 150 years ago she wouldn’t have had an option.”

    Your issue is that Black womben were raped during slavery and now you feel none of us should deal with white men because of that. Your issue isn’t that she’s a mistress. Your issue is that she’s having sex with a white man. I’d suggest you get on over that. A lot of us willingly do and more of us will in the future. *shrug*

  33. You missed the point of the show. The President’s wife, before he was president had an affair. He has felt trapped in a loveless marriage, but he knew that would jeopardize his political career. Since he has been shot on the show and near death he realized that he wants to be with Olivia and divorce his wife. His wife won’t let him. So to call her character a whore is a stretch.

  34. soooooooo true. I just began watching the show on netflix and I too disslike Kerry’s role on the show.

  35. So what do you say about all the black men flocking to white women or playing leading roles with them. I don’t hear our men protesting about give our women jobs. Now how about the sport industry. What are the numbers on how many black men talk about us and flock to other races. I’m glad Kerry has a full time show that is doing great. I might not agree with the roke; however that’s exactly what it is. All the other shows we have no presence. Yes we have a problem but until we can implement a solution we have to support one another; especially in public. E dry other culture can. We are the only ones to air own dirty laundry and then wonder why other cultures don’t respect us.

  36. In the first season of Scandal Olivia and Fitz very much talk about the Thomas Jefferson parallel and he told her not to go there it was much more than that. I find the affair intriguing not because she’s black, he’s white or even because he’s the president. I think it’s hardly an affair if the wife knows about it and condones it. It’s more about the political intrigue and appearances that go on in the white house. On many occasions he has been willing to give it all up at Olivia’s request if she wanted. She’s more to him than just a side piece. I don’t wanna give side chicks hope, but no man is willing to walk away from the most powerful job in the world, and his family for a side chick.

  37. Not going to say your a hater but you may not be familiar with the creators work who happens to be an African American woman, her other 2 hit shows greys anatomy and private practice featured very diverse characters and many were interracial also the character was not always intended to be African American

  38. this excerpt is taken from an article called, ” 5 things holding humanity back” and after reading your rant about a fictional character that an actress portrays, ….well just read it because it definitely describes a void you are filling with this unhealthy delusion:

    You need something to be in awe of. You, the person reading this. If you don’t have something, you’ll create it. You’ll obsess over a girl or a guy, you’ll obsess over money, you’ll obsess over World of Warcraft. You will be defined by what you choose to worship, but you will worship something, and your whole life will be a steady parade of various people trying to convince you that they or their product are just the thing to fill that void

    Read more:

  39. Wow! You are really passionate about a fictional show. It is entertainment. Please give African American women credit for being smart enough to know the difference. With all the entertainers disrespecting themselves on social media daily you picked a fictional character as your example for this article. There is a slave mentality in the African American community for sure but it has nothing to do with this show… it has more to do with have African Americans treat one another. Let’s address the way we treat each other as a community and fix the problem from within and stop the blaming game.

  40. It’s funny, but the Sally Hemmings issue came up once in the show. And I love the show because as a viewer, I like how the writers, actors and director mold our emotions in response to the affair: in the beginning, it was ‘Whoa! This is hot!, to ‘ wow, his wife is a B! Olivia should be with him!’ then ‘ Ok, did she really just risk that for this dude? And this is kind of effed up,’ and finally ‘ I wish these fools would just get over themselves, this is not love! Idiots.’
    As more people are made aware of the affair, it becomes that much more ridiculous. You don’t see any of Olivia’s acquaintances fighting to help her keep this love going, they all see it for what it is. Maybe give the show another shot: you might like this season.

  41. You are too kind in pointing out that Halle Berry won the Academy Award for “getting pounded by Billy Bob Thorton”. I would say for “GETTING POUNDED IN THE ASS”…The fact that movie audiences embraced this scenario and even worse, that the Academy chose to reward her for it is even more troubling. Many black actresses wisely turned down the role, and Ms. Berry’s Oscar will be forever tainted. She has yet to impress with any sign of growth in subsequent roles. As for Ms. Washington, perhaps it’s early enough in her career that this particular part won’t have a lasting effect on her future as the gifted actor that she certainly is.

    • I agree. I just believe that our black women can do better with the roles they pick. If they wanna do that thats fine but like you said dont be suprised when.their legacies are tarnished.

  42. Okay your points are all noted. Now take a look in the mirror and wonder what we will see……… The show is well written and while the plot may be negative. I chose to see the positive aspect through all the convoluted details. I see a strong, black, intelligent woman who has proven that she deserves and maintains respect for her work. I see a woman who doesn’t roll over and play dead or gives in to defeat. We could all learn a thing or two from Kerry’s character. Like she said in the show, ” she is never out of options”.
    Yes she may have made some mistakes by being the presidents mistress, but which one of us hasn’t had an illicit affair before? Stop being judgmental guys and embrace the pure genius plot of the show!

  43. Do you see all of the same historical cues when black men are boning white women on-screen? 150 years ago he would’ve been killed for doing such a thing.

  44. So you wouldn’t have been disguisted if Washington’s character was played by a white woman??? I can agree not being pleased at the affair itself and the message that being the “other woman” is ok. I can dig that. But that’s literally the namesake of the show. People love drama. The fact that you brought Thomas Jefferson into it makes you sound ridiculous. So because 150 years ago a black woman wouldn’t have had the option to fuck the white president, in 2013 it’s wrong to watch as a FICTIONAL SHOW??? Yea. Do us a favor. Don’t watch the damn show.

  45. Black women are down with the swirl, too! Have been since the days of Cleopatra. This show is popular because it’s deals with an illicit affair. It being between a white man and black man makes it more interesting because in a white supremacist culture interracial sex/love is taboo esp. if it involves a white person. Gotta keep that race pure! If it had involved two whites, it would still be popular. Because it involves a black woman, black women and by default black men watch it and make it even more popular than it would have already been. It would not be popular, however, if they featured the ultimate taboo: a (powerful) black man and a (subservient) white woman. That’s still a no, no and most white men, almost all black women, and some white women conspire to keep it that way. Kerry Washington is a ho. Hell, she jilted her high school sweetheart/fiancé to whore some more and now she’s married to a football player! She always plays a ho,

    Even in “Ray” her character had premarital sex. Go back and see her all her movies. Although not the prettiest chick, her sex appeal is why she gets role. She has hot body and she’s type of chick that every guy, regardless of race, wants to sleep with because she screams sex! Does anybody remember “She Hate Me” or “I Love My Wife & Kids?” She’s always displayed in as an object of desire. Someone to be lusted after. So, she’s playing a role by playing herself and getting paid well. Having said that, brother don’t let it get you down. In this white supremacist society, white men are allowed to have their way with women of any race and do so unscathed. And women love to be with powerful, wealthy, and popular men so they readily fall into that. Black women are no different. They’re women. They don’t have the power of men. We got bigger fish to fry to worry about a few wayward black women whoring themselves for white men. If we stop dating, marrying, and fucking these silly women, the smart sistas among us would get married and teach their daughters to be ladies. These hoochies and those hostile sistas will either fall in line or fall behind. Peace.

  46. All of Rhime’s shows use blind casting. So when Kerry won the role based on acting alone and Tony landed the role as Fitz (President), should they have went back to the drawing board and said…”No, no..blind casting is a bad idea if it is going to be a black woman and a white male”?

  47. Why does the character have to be a bed wench? How come all anyone sees is her having an affair with a white man when they look at the show? Not the intrigue and the look “inside” of the White House like no one has ever seen before? Why is it such a mind controlling tool? Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? Reality check, White men are pursuing Black women big time in America right now. There used to be a time when they would sneak, now they are “bold” with it. Many Black women are enjoying the attention. To me that is the real anger, held mainly by American Black men, who except a small few, see every other woman on the planet as more beautiful than his own and now is losing her to men of other hues. Let’s keep it real and leave SCANDAL alone.

    • As I do I am a part of that small “few” that appreciate black women above all and it lowkey hurts to see this shift in attention to white men because of a storied past of black men gravitating towards white women.

      • remember white man started sex with the blk woman, blk man was not allowed to touch anyone but his own, until massa wife got wind of the coerced rapes did she then seek out the blk man and make him perform or tell he raped her like she seen her husband do to the blk wmn… tell these geniuses to go read their family slave records, it may make them throw up

  48. This article is offensive and the horrible language simply reinforces what the author is trying to combat. To suggest that Sally Hemings “let TJ f-ck her!” or that the slave-owning president even had to “game” her is a complete distortion of history and disrespectful to resistance efforts of thousands of women from Sally Hemings to Fannie Lou Hamer. Call me a snob, but this is what I “hate” about the internet…anyone with fingers can type and try to make themselves sound halfway intelligent! There is a whole history that is foundational to the power dynamics that have existed between white men and black women: Read Deborah Gray White, Brenda Stevenson, Elizabeth Fox Genovese, Jaqueline Jones, Jennifer Morgan, just to start and maybe think about a bit of rephrasing. Thanks.

  49. This is the first I’ve ever heard of ghetto gaggers, so I googled it, and can’t unsee. Point taken.

  50. I love the show..dont forget his wife was a whore to she cheated first on just so happen he fell in love with the person he cheated with ..she was sleeping with him before he became president. And contrary to what yall think she must be a good whore he is ready to give up being president to be with her.. I know a couple of women who have fallen in love with married men ,,, and none of them left their wives …as far as the black white slave issue so what color is just what it is color..when they are fucking with the lights out they both niggers. !!!!!!!

  51. Do you know what gets old? Black people who equate everything to slavery. These crab in a barrel black people that can’t seem to find the good in another black person’s success. These black people who can’t seem to see that brooding and lamenting over every little thing that is open to their OWN personal interpretation btw, it brings us down trust!! it absolutely does. Because you know what you all do after your bitch fits?? Nothing absolutely nothing to fix or better the situation. You know what sucks about my people they don’t support artist by paying for content but as soon as something they feel is not fair happens there is some connection to slavery made. Now don’t get me wrong I care not about Kerry Washington, I really didn’t know much about her until the show so I’m not a big fan but I’m going to support her I’m going to support the shows writer shonda rhimes also responsible for Greys anatomy. I wonder if you all know that the show is completely fictitious. If you watched the show Olivia’s father even addresses the fact that she is having sex with the president as a black woman who had so much going for her. Which did I mention the show is not real! But it’s a story written by a BLACK woman. So the amount of negative power you are giving it is preposterous. If you don’t like it fine but the connections you are making here is far reaching at best. You know had the writer and main character been Latino, Latinos would have support her. Had they been Asian, Asians would have supported them. But not black people, black people are the most negative and miserable group on the planet. Halle Berry no matter who her CHARACTER that she is playing has slept with, has pioneered for black women in film. NONE of you are slaves our ancestor already paid the price so we don’t have to live this way! No you don’t need to forget but we also need to take the opportunities we DO HAVE to Become better. The only way we can pay back those that have wronged us is to rise above. That’s why EVERY other minority group has surpassed us in closing the gap in the disparity between whites and people of color. We are still in the SHIT so how about we start blogging about wtf we can do to better out communities shall we? l

    • How about you calm down and try not to pop a blood vessel. Im a black man. I dont like this show for the effect it has on black women and way it which it shows a black women in a subservient position that has been held as the status quo for hundreds of years.

    • but you too busy up the crackers ass, they don’t like you and have proven it with many a tree branch and you don’t see color…funny thing, they do and you better know, stop walking around as if they love you after hanging you, castrating you, o thats right forget that, lets get into the slave massa great great great grandson having sex with the great great great grand daughter whose great great great grand mother the great great great white grandfather raped, a part of cleaning the community is the mind set

  52. It is precisely my objection to the series. I don’t find any validation in the fact that a white man with power finds a black woman f*ckable — but, unfortunately, I think far too many black women do.

    I hate it. I watched a portion of one episode, and when I realized that is what was going on, I changed the channel and haven’t been back.

    In my personal life, I react the same way. When a white man approaches me, I refuse him flat-out. NO FRICKIN’ WAY!

  53. […] then last night, I had the misfortune of coming across this piece.  I want go into details about this sub par analysis of Pope and Fitz’s relationship (it […]

  54. Uh huh. And if she were white, you would call her the president’s mistress and say that they were having an affair, instead of saying that the president is “fucking his whore” and don’t deny it ’cause you know you’d be lying. Does the fact that the man’s marriage is and has always been merely a marriage of convenience and completely loveless matter at all? And just to be clear, Sally Hemings DID NOT HAVE A CHOICE in sleeping with Jefferson – she was property, not an autonomous human being.

  55. Im a viewer and I analyzed it from a racial point of view because thats what my mind came to. I also choose not to watch because of this alone. Its just not for me.

  56. Great post. People need to wake up and stop being blind to the truth

  57. I think you may be reacting to the violent nature of Olivia and Fitz’s relationship, which I discuss in my blogpost here:

    I don’t think the issue is color, but how POTUS treats Olivia, which certainly is all about power, control, domination, issues that cross over into gender/race/class/general Feminist issues.

  58. There’s nothing “storied” about the so-called past of black men gravitating towards white women. It’s reality, and for some, just as “hurtful” as what you perceive to be a demeaning of black women.

  59. you are right, and you can clump all you dummy heads together that watch it, you know why, tv has been hypnotizing your silly asses for many a year, programmed all along to this point, excepting the slave master in their mouth, without force this time…and for anyone saying a tv show is just a tv show, you’re dumbed down to the point you can’t get up, my great grands diary says: after massa raped the sheep his sexual appetite became violent and would pick woman who he saw as natural born leaders and break them down” so as to control uprising because the blk woman was busy guarding massa from blk males so he could sleep at night, blk woman were telling on the blk male, his plans to escape, rob, murder massa, etc…now they have the blk woman doing the same thing all over again, 1 more thing they do this every 3 generation, as a scientific fact without study of your past to pass down, it only takes 3 generations for them to turn your mind set around, and they know damn well if the white boy wasn’t ghetto gagging her, the show wouldn’t of been the hit it is now…hypnotized slaves…

  60. 2 successful black women aggressively defended this program and I watched in amazement. How sad and delusional African American women are to believe that a negro bed wench is their hero. A sad sick world.

  61. […] Black Men think Black women are too stupid to realize that Scandal IS A TV SHOW.  […]

  62. Sooooo, your comparison of Olivia Pope to Sally Hemmings is because Olivia is black? Just how is Olivia the “Slave” here? Just because the President is said to be the most powerful man in the world doesn’t make him her boss. She has more powerful connections and she fixes what needs to be fixed, something the president can’t do. So there, Olivia is NOT the slave in your comparison here.

  63. Corey this is how I feel also so true the Hebrew female bed wench has been around for a long time she is a traitor the her people as many of black men died on the plantation because of her snitches to massa and even today you have this element of our women esp in Corp America but this is a plan of divide and conquer and Hollywood plan also to cause more discord btwn Hebrew male and female this thing is so deep with the cause and effect why you thing blk men are in prison the most ?to have easy acess to our women stop and frisk and a lot of other things feeds this agenda of racism white supremacy thomas Jefferson was a pedifile Mrs hemmings was only 14 years old when he was screwing her that bastard our women are sick to like the show scandal and most of them do Mrs Washington married a white male so the part is easy for her to play

    • Your right I hate this show with a fucking passion its pathetic. I find it funny how some of these idiots are backing a show that includes a sister being committing demeaning acts. How disgusting I wanted to throw up. I agree with your reply Charles. White America and media stay giving sisters an over sexualised representation and some of these broads would take the position gladly. I am disgusted and embarrassed that such a show has even aired. Playing a whore side piece isn;t anything to be proud of. And the people in support of such a low degraading show are either mentally handicapped to the point of clear retardation or are clearly supporting the negative image of sisters worldwide for their own objective gains. Realize that media is used as a tool to persuade the mind almost like brainwashing so such a show throws out ideas that being nothing but a sex slave is fine. How disgusting I hope they ban the show, and Kerry Washington out to have rethink the concept of this show, It is a show much much below her. Have some dignity sisters! White America has a funny way of picking on us and some idiots cant see their subliminal intentions i object and if we are out to solidify and unite we out to stand up for all aspects we share especially our identity. I oppose this and most sisters should too, stand up for what’s right and boycott this piece of shit. I don;t see shows of such utterly disgusting nature being presented to white girls yet they will fill our own sisters with it, fuck no! Stand up for whats right..

  64. I so agree with this article!!! I made the exact references in regards to historical taboo. I thought I was one of the only one in America who hated the show. and that brings me to the other Shonda Rhimes show, “How To Get Away with Murder”, which is another show that seems to only give legitament influence to a powerful black woman by being married to a white man. Yet it displayed a relationship that was salacious and highly sexual with her black mandingo boyfriend, but appeared to be where her truth lived and how she loves and wanted to be loved. Again historical.

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