Somewhere Over The Trap

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New Digital Collage

“Somewhere Over The Trap”

Inspired by Philadelphia artist, Shikeith’s newest exhibit,

“somewhere over the _”

on display at

The Bunker Project

now-October 31st


Our Life, Your Entertainment

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Ok so listen to this. How would you feel if a person consistently asked you stereotypical questions about your culture under the disguise of journalism because they knew they could get away with it because they didn’t belong to your culture. Passing their ignorance off as genuine inquiry when in fact they know what they’re asking is disrespectful. You know who comes to mind that this applies to? An untalented fuck ass human being know as DJ Vlad. Over the past year I’ve seen this White Russian outsider ask black rappers the most tawdry ignorant questions one can ask. From questions about Fredro Starr’s street cred to repeated interviews about Chris Brown’s Blood affiliation. Who the fuck cares? Shit is crazy to me. He knows he’s asking stupid shit because if these questions were coming from a Black interviewer he would’ve gotten beat the fuck up already. Which is exactly why Rick Ross and company beat his ass. And why isn’t his face ever in the interviews? I ask Black people to stop supporting this low key racist piece of shit who is profiting from our culture but does nothing to give back anything positive. In short I would like to say, “Fuck DJ Vlad and anybody who loves him”

Never Forget…What You’ve Done.

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Every year 9/11 comes around I feel funny about it. Kinda been that way for a while. It’s not that I have no sympathy for the lives lost that day or subsequently after from war. It’s not because I don’t care about America. This is my home but, to be honest as I’ve grown older and began to understand my place in society as a black man I have come to realize that I don’t love America like other people do. More specifically like White people do.

I don’t feel American. I don’t even know what that’s supposed to feel like. As the public lynching of Ray Rice permeates the media a Black man is once again public enemy number one. Michael Brown’s body has been cold for a month as Ferguson is no longer a hot topic on Twitter or the blogsophere, and¬†George Zimmerman walks the streets of America today freely.

When those attacks happened on that fateful day who ever responsible didn’t do this to hurt people who look like me. They did it as a giant fuck you to the white man who has pillaged and plundered his way through humanity for hundreds if not thousands of years. They did it as a repayment for the innocent people we’ve killed abroad and as a response to our horrible decisions based on foriegn policy

I can’t sit by and act like America is this beautiful land filled with opportunity. It’s filled with opportunity for people who chose to come here. My people didn’t have a choice and repeatedly America shows the black race that we DON’T have a choice. That we don’t matter. That we don’t exist.

I hope this Ray Rice debacle is really getting through to people. It’s cemented somethings for me. I’ve come to a really harsh truth about Americas attitude toward ¬†Black people.

If we don’t make you laugh, cheer, or cum America doesn’t give a fuck about you. The minute you do something they don’t approve of they will remind you how three-fifths of a person you are.

So on 9/11 as we remember the horrible attacks that happened I ask for America to also remember:

Emmitt Till

Rodney King

Jim Crow


The slaughter of the Native American people

The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Japanese internment camps

Public Lynchings

The Klu Klux Klan

Hurricane Katrina

…and a host of other really fucked up things that you’ve told us to get over.


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